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What’s the difference between various carpet fibers?
Olefin is the least expensive fiber choice and only available at wood brothers in select commercial flooring products. While moderately resistant to traffic and wear, it has the least innate stain resistance and is prone to fading over time. Some other stores offer residential carpet in this quality: we choose not to.

Polyester and nylon are approximately equally stain resistant. Polyester is considered by some to be less “fade” resistant and as such is sometimes the better choice for richer colors of carpet. Nylon however is far more resilient to traffic and “crush” wear, and typically will look better than polyester after years of use, particularly in areas with the highest frequency of use and in carpets with higher pile. Nylon is typically more expensive than polyester.

Triexta (which also goes by the names “Smartstrand” and “PTT Polyester”) is a new material made by Dupont and Mohawk which offers the best in comfort, fade resistance, stain resistance and durability while also being green friendly. Carpet made out of Triexta are typically the most expensive flooring choice.

So which type of flooring is best for you? Wood Brothers Floor covering has all three available, and one of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you in finding the best flooring for your needs at the best prices possible.

Why does some carpet fuzz?
Some carpets are “continuous filament” (BCF) which means that even if you pull, pick, and vacuum away, your carpet won’t shed or “fuzz”. The alternative is a “staple good” which is an inferior grade product that will be a headache for homeowners and provide decreased durability.

Some stores will try to sell you alleged high quality carpet without explaining the difference between staple and continuous filament products. Put their product to the test by pulling at multiple strands of carpet – if it fuzzes, it’s probably a staple good, and if it’s a staple good and you weren’t told about it you should be carefully evaluating your purchasing decisions with their business!

While staple goods are cheaper and depending on your specific needs it may even be the best product for you, Wood Brothers Floor Covering believes an educated buyer is a happy buyer. Our sales representatives will be truthful and disclose all relevant information about flooring products. Furthermore, we choose to carry only one line of carpet that fuzzes, our cheapest. We believe that if a “high quality” carpet fuzzes, then it quite simply isn’t a high quality carpet!

What’s the difference between “in stock” and “special order” goods?
We have one of the largest selections of in stock vinyl, laminate and carpet goods. These products are available at a reduced price because of special negotiations with our vendors. Sometimes these prices are reduced even further with discontinued products and other special promotions, allowing us to use our special buying methods to provide deals unparalleled by other stores. We have some products for sale at less than the price it would cost other stores to order it!

Unfortunately, even with hundreds of in stock rolls it’s possible we may not have the roll for you. Our buying power and high volume still allows us to negotiate very competitive prices on any product. So please, come in, see what we have, and if we don’t have what you want, let us do our best to get it for you – all at price which will make you ask, “How can they afford to do that?!”

How much do you charge to install? How much flooring do I need? Unfortunately, Wood Brothers Floor Covering does not employ its own installers. However, if needed, we would be happy to refer you to a licensed, bonded and insured contractor who has received glowing reviews from our customers over the years. Each installer we recommend is very experienced and is willing to provide a free estimate of both how much he would charge to install and exactly how much product he will need to do the job. To have an installer come out to your home, come into the store or call us with information on your home improvement project and we’ll help you select the installer best for your specific needs.

Are carpet or vinyl remnants right for me? We have carpet remnants available primarily in 12x30 and less sizes, but also have a much smaller selection of carpet remnant “short rolls” varying from 12x31 to 12x50.

We have vinyl remnants available in 6x6 to 6x12 sizes as well as 12x7 up to 12x23 sizes.

Selection of available vinyl remnants vary widely from month to month but include a selection from our least expensive products to those goods of the highest quality. All goods prices are reduced from their typical “off the roll” prices, though the amount can vary by anything from a 5% reduction to more than a 50% reduction depending on the specific item. For project sizes larger than the dimensions described here, remnants often won’t be the most practical choice for you, however, please come in and speak with a sales representative. We will be happy to help you find the floor covering solution that works best for you.

I’m interested in a specific product or type of product. Can Wood Brothers get it? People will often call our store asking us how much it would cost them to purchase a specific product or type of product they found at another store. This is not the best way to find the best deals on floor covering! Many stores change their product style names from the standard manufacturer name, making it difficult or impossible to “price the competition”. For the best values in flooring, view our in stock selection first. We never change style names from the manufacturer defaults. Price –that- to the competition and you’ll see why Wood Brothers is known for such great deals.

If you’re set on a product or specific type of product that we simply don’t have available, bring us a sample of it. We will find the exact product (or most similar possible product) and give you our best price possible. You won’t be disappointed.